Sunday, 17 July 2011

09. I must be dreaming.

Nothing academic to debate about in this post...I'm too relaxed at present to find anything that disagreeable.
   Despite my general lack of going out and getting wrecked, this summer is probably one of the most enjoyable (excluding work obviously) I have had in a while, and it has been pretty productive, which is....different.

   A good few years back we used to spend all our time down the park playing football. I was awful and still am...but it was enjoyable, and it kept us in decent shape. Now I'm not health nut, but it is nice to have some acceptable level of fitness. So before summer kicked off I was talking to one of my friends who used to sort all of it out, and he invited me to train with the team he plays for (I'll add a link for them if I find one). I think he was surprised when summer came and I turned up, and have done now for about 4 weeks. I am far better now compared to back then, but compared to these guys, I am abysmal, but I'm enjoying it.
With any luck training over the summer might just get me to the level I need to get into my university team....even if it is the fifths.

   On the hobby front me and a couple of guys started playing Necromunda. For those unfamiliar with the game Necromunda is set within the Warhammer 40,000 universe (our universe in the 41st millennium). It is a very dystopic, gothic and war driven setting. Necromunda is set within the human populated 'hive worlds.' It is a game about gang conflict within these societies. You can download the rulebook for free if you want to learn more.
Usually I'd link my bolter and Chainsword blog to show you my work, but that only deals in 'power armoured' models. So I'm going to have to find a new way of showing off what I come up with. I'll throw the link in a future post.

   I recently bought a few things (despite my moaning about having a job, it does afford me to indulge in some luxuries: P), one of which is the new Warhammer 40,000 game on Xbox live called 'Kill team'. So far it is fairly enjoyable. I'll post a full review of it when I've finished it and tried out the other features.

   There have been other [i]developments[/i], But I'm not going to jinx it by writing about it here. The title of this post is a clue. If you figure it out, it doesn't apply to it all...yet. Just the first part ;).

   That is all for now. Link spam to follow soon no doubt :P.


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