Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Quick Note

Hey there everyone. I know I haven't posted anything in months, and this isn't exactly a full post either.
I'm currently hurling towards the end of my dissertation (which is due in on the 1st of May), and my exams are creeping up on me (23rd - 27th of April). A such there will still be a significant lack of updates.
However, after these are done and dusted I am, for all intents and purposes, finished. Yes that's right; Degree = Done. Pretty scary.
As such I will no longer have the stress of a Uni workload over my head, and I will have time to start regularly updating this thing again (well...regular-ish at any rate).

I have a whole host of projects I plan on getting into, so stay tuned!

Peace out, and to anyone with exams and work due in soon, good luck!


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