Friday, 15 November 2013

20. Step by Step...

...I am getting there.

Or so I would like to believe.

So much for not letting things get to me.
I hate my job. It is plain and simple.
Undervalued, overworked. Underpaid, unappreciated.

I start work early in the morning. 6am. That means being up at 5.
I'm not the best at sleeping. I get around 4-5 hours.

So when they ask me to come two hours early? Really?

Let me break it down for you.

I take relative pride in my work.
I don't like doing a job badly, I don't like leaving things half done.
But I will. I am not paid enough to care that much.
I also don't enjoy my job anywhere near enough to go that far out of my way to do extra time.
There is no over time pay, just regular pay.

'Think of your bonus.'
This mantra pisses me off. I do not work for my bonus. I work for the money I get each month.
Now, I get that management think differently... I mean, why wouldn't you?
My bonus = around £200 after tax. Which is pretty nice.
But we already hit the maximum it can get for the year 4 months ago.

My bosses bonus = 22% of his salary. So around £9900, before tax.
I can see why you'd work towards that.

I don't give a fuck about your bonus, and honestly, I don't really care about mine.
If I didn't get one, I'd still work the same job.

'We really need to straighten out the store.'
Why? I agree it needs sorting out, but if you did your job properly in the first place, it wouldn't be in this mess.
I am not fixing your fuck ups for you.

I think I'm about done.

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