Wednesday, 8 January 2014

23. General update.


Usually these posts get some 'filler type' title, but today I thought I'd write a more in depth commentary on what is happening.

First off, lets talk Youtube.

 I have been doing a good amount of research into existing YouTube channels/ show formats (credit where it is due, my Girlfriend and her brother have been a huge help here).
That may just sound like I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos; which it has in part, but it is actually really important to understand what qualities I and others find engaging in a video/ regular show. Needless to say Bias is an issue here... but I think that is what adds character to a show.
I have a good idea of how I want it run. Think Game Grump and Yogscast and you are in the right ballpark.

 However, delays are happening.
My current computer just cannot hack games or anything stressful for a sustained period of time.
This means no recording games, no editing and thus, no shows.
Due to the editing problem I can't even invest time in shows that have nothing to do with computer games.

I do have the funds to invest in a new machine. I'm just on the fence as to what I want and need in it.

Second topic: Board games

 As mentioned above I cannot advance with video reviews/ playthroughs or any of that jazz.

However, I have been increasingly active in this area, so in the meantime I will be starting a Board Game review piece here.
Nothing overly serious, just my own personal opinions of Games I play. Expect heavy amounts of personal Bias.

 In addition, my own board game design attempts have stalled; this time by my own design.
I have a general concept, which I'm happy with.
I have a set of rules which when clarified I think are well thought out and relatively simple.
Overall I think the game works and makes sense.

  The problem I have is deciding if it is actually fun to play.
This requires play testers; something my friends have been reluctant to do.
So until I can find a select group I trust to run initial play tests I think I'll invest my time in researching techniques, theories and concepts.

Here is a sneak peak of the design; (The first concept; since very outdated)

General concept - Space race with ship to ship and hand to hand combat.
Since this picture I have done a lot more, however I'm not comfortable with showing it all just yet.
there is still a long way to go.

Third Topic; Writing.
 In short, no. I haven't been writing.
Will I still write? Yes.
When? Who knows.

Fourth; Everything else.

I've been trying to get into gaming again. Which by and large is going well. The aforementioned  computer issue is a bit of a drag, but by and large everything seems to be going well. Hooray!

I applied to a teacher training course again. We'll see if my references can sort their shit out this year!

Oh, and I've been doing a hell of a lot of work on my hobby stuff recently.
Check it out at The Underhive Hero, or over at my WiP log on The Bolter and Chainsword.

Thanks for wasting your time reading this jumble of thoughts.



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