Sunday, 13 April 2014

30. He bends and he breaks...

'...If he gives they will take away
His passion, his pain, his grace

He exhales,
A thousand black flowers explode
Into butterflies as they're away

Rip them out, take them,
Burn to coals as they crush and leave nothing
That resembles a soul of a man
See him numb, see him crushed...'
So, despite my push for normalcy I've not exactly kept myself on an even keel.
I've suffered some setbacks; some of my own design, some out of my control (family matter and the like).
I am doing better, but I'm a long way from... I don't even know what or where I'm heading towards.
Some form of equilibrium?
I'd settle for something not soul destroying. Every day.

Anyway, 'The Cardboard Cartographer' is set to return soon.
I've been doing some research into a handful of games (by research, I mean playing = P), as well as a couple of topics to talk about.
So expect a return of Table Top glory soon!

The Underhive Hero has been chugging along quite nicely (up until aforementioned family matters).
I don't seem the hobby momentum dying too much any time soon, so I might get something finished!

Other than the vapidity of society I don't really feel like writing anything satirical, and my various 'gaming' projects have all died.
The Village Idiots, M.I.A.

I'd try and resurrect some of them, but I can't really manage this much stuff without being in an optimistic frame of mind.

Hey, it was an update right?

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