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36. 'Elevenses; The Card Game of Morning Tea.' un-boxing. The Cradboard Cartographer issue 11.

Welcome to issue 11 of The Cardboard Cartographer here on The science of selling yourself short.

This issue sees us un-boxing yet another very new game; Elevenses; The Card Game of Morning Tea.

Elevenses; made by Adventureland Games,  was another indie game that managed to secure the funding it needed via kicktsarter. It had an original funding goal of $5,000 AUD and finished it's campaign on $26,535 on December 16th 2013. If you want to check the campaign out head over to their Kickstarter page here.

Another game I have yet to play (this is becoming a habit).
Elevenses is essentially a power driven card game.
The object of the game is to obtain the 'most scrumptious spread' of snacks and beverages in order to have the valuable morning tea by the end of the round.

On to the un-boxing!

This isn't a 'bix box' game. It is quite a neat and compact little game, which is part of the reason I backed it.
When you unpack it though....

There seems a fair amount of content for such a small box!
In addition to the several types of card (we'll come back to those), there is a metallic bell and a set of 30 wooden cubes.
The wooden cubes, or 'sugar cubes' are painted white, and used to keep score. Very minimalistic.
The Bell is cool and was a Kickstarter Backer exclusive reward. It has literally no function in the game though, so if you didn't manage to back this game, have no fear.

Anyway, on to the rest of the game.

There are 44 Morning Teat Cards, four sets of 11 for each player. These have different coloured backs. Each card has various information relating to the game (the position on the 'spread,' the value, the cards power and some flavour text).
I love the watercolour artwork. It is very artsy and quite cute. It is nice to see something different in card design. The pastel colour set is refreshing, and theme that continues throughout.

As well as the Morning Tea Cards their are 6 Special Guest Cards.

These are used with the advanced rules. They are essentially bonus points to add to your spread once you have acquired the items indicated on their card.

Finally there are the player aids

These cards are; the Summary cards (left and bottom middle),
the Sugar Bowl Card (top middle),
and the Starting server (right).

None of these are essential, they are just their to remind players of the positions of cards in the morning tea, to show how many points are available and to indicate the starting player in a round.

And there you have it.

The cards are really lovely. Clean, clear and simple, but with an artistic twist. It just goes to show that you can have function and great visuals without compromising on either part.
The pastel colours are a great touch too. I love bold colours, but it is nice to see someone do something different for a change.

I really think the colour pallet suits the game.
I can't wait to make some tea!

That is all for this issue.
Have you played Elevenses? What did you think about it?
What other Kickstarter board/card/RP games have you backed/played?If you want to get in touch the please feel free to comment of hit me up @DarKHaZZl3 on twitter.
I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading. Until next time.


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