Tuesday, 1 March 2016

64. Race slowed to a Quest. Hearthstone: Quest for Legendary part 4.

So, originally my Hearthstone series was going to be a 'Race to Legendary' akin to KSI's race to division 1 back in his glory days.

It was clear very quickly that this race was going to be a slow one, and thus I've changed to concept of the series to 'Quest for Legendary'

The idea is to improve my skills, card knowledge and collection in order to one day achieve Legendary rank.

If you want to check out the series then head to my YouTube channel, alternatively you can watch the 'Quest for Legendary' playlist here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ebew1lmSKI8&index=5&list=PLL2lqqSd8VEJqbXWQ--kKjAjRLUk8ysJ-

That's all for now.
I've got some more interesting projects lined up for the near future, so keep you eyes peeled to my Instagram for your first point of contact.

Until the next time.

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