Saturday, 21 May 2011

06. Revision, Revision, Revision. Another stop gap.

I apologise for the lack of updates.
It is exam time again, and between revision and procrastination I have found very little to get animated about, and thus, found very little to write about.

Currently I am revising for my 'Power in the Modern World', ' Peace, Conflict and Security' and 'Equality' Exams.

Power is fairly difficult to revise for due to the fact that I'm unsure about the format the exam will take. The module is of very 'theory/narrative' based format, which is odd for a history module, and as such, I find it difficult to know how to approach revision.
Do I revise the theories behind the narratives? Or, do I attempt to relate those to historical instances; theory in practise?

I've gone with about a 70/30 mix of both....

Peace, Conflict and Security on the other hand should be relatively easy to revise for. The subject is by far the most complex out of the three, however, our lecturer had the foresight to 'drop us a hint' on what 'might' be on the exam. Pick a few topics, revise them and the job should be a good 'un.

Equality is the exam I am most confident about, as I would assume it would follow the lectures. It just so happens that Freedom and Equality was the one module I turned up for the most, and had the most interest in.

Yet exams always do this to me. The one I feel the most confident about I will do the worst in, and those I am dreading I will do the best in.

Needless to say I will be glad when this is all over.

On the procrastination side; Portal 2, Mine craft, The Horus Heresy Novels, Face book...
The list is endless.

When I have time I might write about some of the books, games and albums I have used to get through the moments where my mind refuses to do revision. You never know.

There will be more interesting updates in the future. I promise. (Well, I don't promise you'll find them interesting, but I will...maybe).

Ta'ra' for now.


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