Friday, 2 September 2011

11. Reading and Reading; Escaping reality, returning to reality and seeking another exit.

  It has been a while I know. I apologise, as ever. However I do come bearing a decent size blog post, and various other postings elsewhere, which will of course be linked to in due time.

So, Let us begin with the future.
My third and final year of University is rapidly approaching. I have opted to stick with dual honours History and Politics, with no major or minor, and have thus chosen my modules accordingly.

In History I have taken a pair of modules on the partition of India. By the looks of it these modules focus on the schisms within Indian society and how they lead to India's various partitions and eventual independence. I've also decided to do my dissertation in history, using these modules as a basis, and focusing on the nationalism side of things (At least, that is the plan....for now).

HIS-30094 Religion, Rebellion and the Raj: The Partition of India pt 1
HIS-30095 Negotiating Nationalisms and Partitions: The Partition of India pt 2
HIS-30103 Dissertation for History

In Politics I have tended to pick modules that interest me in some way, shape and form; luckily a couple of the themes explored in these modules coincide with my history dissertation. Win.
PIR-30115 End of Empire
PIR-30119 the Extreme Right in Western Europe
PIR-30126 Human Rights: Concepts, Norms and Identities
PIR-30128 Protest and social movements
These will no doubt creep into future blog posts. I'm not gonna lie, I am a little excited to be intellectually challenged again; summer is dull in that regard, but I am slightly apprehensive. This year is going to be difficult, time consuming and very, very stressful. Too late to turn back now!

Now to the present

   I have a new job. Well, it is the same job, just at a different store. The change of scenery and pace is welcome if I'm honest. I won't find out if I like it until I start at Christmas though.

  I did some modelling for my Necromunda gang, which has been put up on Underhive Hero
 I have also taken pictures of my grey knights force which is on my  Bolter and Chainsword Blog So enjoy those.

  I went to Reading festival (25th - 29th) which was, by and large, pretty fucking amazing! Met up with some friends there, had a good laugh, had a few drinks and saw some great bands (as well as some disappointing ones). I don't think I could pick a 'best band of the weekend.' That being said, Flogging Molly, The King Blues, Enter Shikari, Frank Turner and Muse were probably my top five (in no particular order). Worst band award goes to The Strokes. No stage presence whatsoever and not enough of a show to justify it. A Shame really.
And no, I do not look like Jarvis Cocker. Shurrup.

  I managed to finish Kill team...ages ago. It was quite good, but shock! Like all XBL games it was far. Too. Short. Disappointing. Worth a bash? I'd say so, if you're into 40k and/or intend to buy Space Marine. If you're not to either of those, don't bother...or download the demo first at the very least.

   Onto the past....

In short, yeah, I'm an idiot. But, as they say, the past is only the future with the lights on. I'm only looking forward, it is far more interesting ;). yesmyfacehasgoneredatthethoughtofthepossibilities.

Roll on Keele.


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