Saturday, 17 September 2011

12. Sound effects and overdramatics

  I know I said not to expect posts for a while, but I am so damn bored. That and I in desperate need of distractions. Things just don't seem to be going my way of late.

  Anyway, I'll come back to that. Maybe.

Political shit ahead (if you're not interested, you fucking should be...but you can skip past it, you'll know when it is over when the main text changes colour).

  Not too long ago there was a spate of riots; well, I say riots, what I actually mean is rampant looting, through the UK. Especially in Birmingham. Numerous political commentators have out this down to 'gang' culture and such, and then let the blame lie there. I don't think that attributing blame like that is the way to go about things. Gang culture may have had some role, but it is far from the cause. No individual cause exists; there is no one group or entity to blame. This society has produced the circumstances needed to spark such 'riots'. Society created room for gang culture to grow, for an underclass to form, for people to think that looting and violence is excusable.

  There is an underlying causality to all this. I'm not claiming to know what it is, but I have an idea of one of the driving forces involved. Our society creates losers; people who are left out, undermined, ignored and repressed by society and its structures and functions, more so now than most points in our history. There is an ever growing gap between the underclass/the poor and the super rich. This is, in part down, to the concept of free market competition. There is an overwhelming focus of gain, material possessions and greed in western society. Where someone gains, someone else losses. The ever growing gap in wealth is evidence of that, and the failings of the 'trickle down' economic stimulation. 

  These fundamental problems in our society, our economy and indeed, our way of thinking need to be addressed. Urgently. If it is not, then as Jonny 'Itch' Fox (front man of The king blues) said while performing at reading festival a while back; 'it might just happen again'.
 With that in mind, check this out - (or check out #occupywallstreet, #takewallstreet and @anonops on twitter).

  There is more to be said on this situation, and the general failings of society, capitalism and the market economy, but that is a somewhat bigger and far broader argument to get into right now. Maybe later? Safe.

  Moving on to other topics.
 My brother had a few friends round about a week back for a poker game. I decided to join, despite being terrible at poker. £5 in, total prize £35. I won :D (yes, this is me gloating and being a bad winner. HAHAHA).
  Despite this win I've been in a terrible mood since that day. I know why. Unfortunately I (a) have pretty much no control over the situation and (b) can't really tear myself away. I'm being patient, but I can't last forever.

   On a hobby front, well, head over to The Underhive hero to check out the new update (it is relatively small) and/or my blog on the bolterandchainsword for some progress on my (slightly old/resurrected) DeathWatch project.

  Ahhh, procrastination, distraction and a bit of venting always manages to make me feel better.


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