Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Kinda, sorta on the right path

So, a long while back I was talking about computer games.

Well, there were problems, as always.

1) I lacked the drive to play them
2) My computer was not reliable enough to play them (though fairly capable)

These have been solved.

Which brings me back it the 'a while back' part.

The concept was not an original one, but just something I thought I'd like.

YouTube. Sharing my gaming experiences with the rest of my friends and the world (though the later as a secondary really).

As it turns out, YouTube is really complicated to operate, also, I have no knowledge of video and audio editing.

I'd still like to do it one day.

During this time of umming an darring Twitch hit the scene, and hit ti big. Live streaming isn't new.
I have a Blog TV account from a long time back.
But Twitch is a viable and very accessible medium. Blog TV never took off.

So I set up a Twitch account - http://www.twitch.tv/darkhazzl3
I think my friends are on board
 In fact, if you like Hearthstone, DayZ and Runescape then you might get a kick out of http://www.twitch.tv/kie43132

He, like myself, is new to the live streaming with people actually possibly watching, so is finding his feet.

Anyway, Mine will likely be random games I'm playing. We'll see.

That is all for now. Peace

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