Wednesday, 15 June 2016

79. Re-Blog. The Silver Tower part1.

So, I have previously posted about painting boardgame miniatures on here before...
If you want to, you can check out my past posts about this stuff here (Mice & Mystics).

Now, I've often had a dilemma with this stuff...
All of my miniature painting is usually found of at The Underhive Hero.
however, not all board game miniatures are for table top miniatures games/ wargames.
as such I've posted them here.

This next project kinda spans both.
Warhammer quest: The Silver Tower is without doubt a boardgame.
The miniatures inside however, are not only for the game, but also to be use din Age of Sigmar; a fantasy table top wargame by Games Workshop.

Because it fits both, I've deiced to post it on both the Underhive Hero and Here.
So what follows i a carbon copy of my post on The Underhive Hero.
I thought both audiences might enjoy it!

+++original post can be found here+++

'I know I haven't been very consistent recently, but I have been working on other projects (as always).
If you'd like to chock those out head to The science of selling yourself short for more info!

Back to it.
I hit a hobby wall in the shape of too many boardgames with miniatures that are un built and unpainted.
So I've made it my mission to get these out of the way.

The problem with this is that building miniatures as they come in the box bores the life out of me...
So far I have built all of the Miniatures from Assasinorium Execution Force, and it nearly killed me.

So going into my next task; The Silver Tower, I've decided to try and make things a little more interesting for myself, without converting any of the models.


The game is fairly varied in all fairness.
unlike Execution force, there isn't 15 of essentially the same figure... the most of one type is 8.

But I still want to make them 'my own.'

This starts from the ground... no up, just the ground.

Most of the tile sin Silver Tower are this cracked turquoise stuff, with gold banding.


The plan is pretty simple; copy it onto the basses.
To do this I've used the Games Workshop palette pads to created the crazy shapes that are all over the board tiles.



Obviously, these will be painted gold, and any 'raised' areas will be added in using shading and highlighting.

As for the cracked floor, I decided to cheat...kinda.


Agrellan earth; a self crackling paint from the citadel paint range.
All I ave to do now is paint it!
I'll be using Stegadon Scale Green,Sotek Green and Temple Guard Blue to do the job.
Before that though I have a ton more basses to do...

That's all for now!

Keep you eyes peeled for more soon.'


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