Wednesday, 22 June 2016

80. REMAIN. EU closing statement.

I've argued this back and forth for what seems like a lifetime.

But this is my closing statement.

To all you right wing leave supporters.

Your idol Thatcher thought it was a good idea to remain in the EU in the 70's.
Now, my distaste for right wing policies are well known...

But this isn't about right vs left.

The EU was a good idea then, and it still is now.
All leave have ever done is use nonsensical statements with no empirical evidence to support their claims.
All they have is fudged numbers and blatant divisive propaganda.

And while the remain campaign is accused of fear and scaremongering (to which I can see why, but I'd argue is reasonable warnings), it is based, for the most part, on in depth research and the conclusions of international bodies, experts and politicians/ allied nations from around the world and here in the UK too.

Use logic.
Use reason.
Do actual research, in real books, with real data.
Stop believing the daily mail, the sun and sky news; the right wing racist, homophobic, xenophobic and elitist media.

People say this is an opinion, and everyone is free to choose.
That may be true.
But if your opinion ignores all reasonable, well founded and logical evidence, then you're an ignorant fool.
If you choice is based on false claims, selfishness or a choice that is prejudiced against nationality, religion and race, then you are morally bankrupt.

Some may claim that I don't shut up.
That a standpoint like that is overbearing, patronising...

I don't care.
Because if you refuse to listen to logic and reason,
refuse to listen to empirical evidence over propaganda,
refuse to be open and accepting of people and instead choose to be prejudice about the random chance of ones birth,
refuse to trust in peoples ability to collectively work together (hope) and instead trust in those who seek to divide us (hate),
then I don't want you our your poisonous ideology in my life.

People say this is an opinion, and everyone has a choice to make.
I don't believe you do.

I am for;
Logic, reason and evidence not lies and propaganda.
Unity not Division.
Peace not Conflict.
Hope not Hate.

I'm for the EU.

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