Tuesday, 8 November 2016

93. Schedule change!

This post is a bit of a media update.

I have an Inktober post coming in a few days. 

Inktober is a ink based drawing challenge in October, where you do a picture every day.
I posted them all on Instagram while I was doing them, and I'll be posting all the pictures I drew throughout Inktober on here so you can view them at your leisure.
I'm happy to say that I managed to 'technically' not miss a day.

The main point of this post is about my YouTube.

Up until now my weekly 'Free For All Thursday' Twitch stream videos have been uploaded twice a week (Monday & Friday).
I felt that this is a bit of a slow pace of uploads, especially when we're recording 4 to 5 a week while I stream.
So from now on I'll be uploading 3 of these videos a week.
The new release schedule for these videos will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Hopefully reducing the gap between videos will help folks who want to watch them feel less distanced from each episode.
I'm also hoping it will allow me some freedom to make different videos, and some YouTube exclusive content too.

Anyway, if you haven't checked out the Pokémon Uranium episodes yet head over to my channel, or just check out the Pokémon Uranium playlist.

If you catch up, them join me live of Twitch!

That's it for now.


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