Thursday, 22 December 2016

98. Two way.

Diary-esq post.
INB4 cba to read that.

Some people purport to 'good friends' and indeed, some of their actions in some of the harder times match this.
Yet, it's their everyday actions that make me question their level of attachment.
Makes me think sometimes, that I'm just being humoured.

Conversations are two way processes.
They are not one person talking at another...
Nor are they waiting for each other to stop talking, just so you can 'take your turn.'

They involve reciprocation, and listening... actually listening.

When someone asks 'how your day is going,' you reciprocate by replying and asking the same.
And when you never do, what does that mean?
When someone says they're listening, but when you ask, 'what did I just say,' and they can't answer, you're not listening.

Recently some folk don't do one or both of those.
Maybe they've got a lot on their mind, maybe they're tired...

Or maybe they're just humouring me.
Maybe I'm just another face in the crowd, or just another problem they have to deal with...

Either way, it feels more like I'm not worth the effort of conversation, or worth listening to.
That I don't matter.

I'm having a rough second half of 2016.

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