Friday, 3 February 2017

99. Dungeons and Dragons custom dice.

Not quite the blog post I was planning to be first this year, however, it will suffice.

First of all;
I am sorry.

I have not kept up posting as I had wanted to do.
I have let myself down, and anyone who actually reads this.

Though at least I held true to the concept of not posting unless I have something to talk about.
(excluding my recent Twitch scheduling updates).


A lot of shit has happened over the last few months, and I guess I will come to them in due course, or not.
Processing this information is difficult, bewildering and sometimes rage inducing.
Where do I even begin...

The world has gone to shit, but again, that is a topic for another post.

And finally;

I am back.
I'm settled into a Twitch routine and a YouTube editing routine, so it is high time I set myself back on course with everything else.
Blogging and hobby blogging are two of the things I'd like to correct.

So, on that note, check out my most recent post on The Underhive Hero.
The Sisters of Battle are back!


Anyway, back on topic.

I've been back to playing Dungeons and Dragons recently.
(there are a lot of stories here too, but again, another time...)

I bought one of my friends a set of Green Black forest dice from Q workshop for Christmas.
(They play a Gnome Ranger in one of the campaigns we play in).

The dice are quite nice.


The only problem being that, in low light conditions, these numbers actually become quite hard to make out.
Especially on the D20.

So I offered to customise them a little, to
A ) Function better
B ) Suit her character a bit more (She is a rock gnome obsessed with gems and valuable metals).

So, here's what they look like with gold on them!


They are not 100% finished in this picture, but they are IRL.
All I used was 2/3 thin coats of Retributior Armour (a water based acrylic paint by Citadel).
Followed by a coat of spray satin varnish to seal them from wear and tear.


That's all for this post.
I'll endevour to do better blogging tin the future, so stay tuned.
You can check out my regular Twitch shows if you really want to see what I'm up to.

Until next time folks!


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