Monday, 19 January 2015

43. Revamp/ Reboot

So in my 'post - New Year' update I outlines how I want to push on this year and do a lot more stuff, both in regards to blogging and everything else.
Part of that involves a make over of all of my blogs.

I am torn about how to go about this.

I know for certain I need a new image host; Blogger has been using my G+ space to save photos at the moment.
While this is streamlined it is not the best solution for a number of reasons, the most pressing one currently is capacity.
I want to pump out more content, and more content means more pictures.
Currently the best option looks to be Flickr with 1TB of image storage space for free (I'm poor).
This will also allow me to (finally) have a functioning Galley feature!

The part I'm struggling with the most is an issue of saturation.
The science of selling yourself short started out as a one stop shop for all thing DarKHaZZl3, or what I was willing to share.
Over the last year or so it has grown somewhat.
Now I post issues of the Cardboard Cartographer on here, which account for the majority of my page views, and I also have The Underhive Hero on a separate blog.

Ideally I want to grow all of my blogs, however I recognise that The Cardboard Cartographer is what attracts the most views.
The question is; do I split The science of selling yourself short and the Cardboard Cartographer into two separate blogs?
An extension of this issue is I'd like to have my own domain name; hell I'd like to have my own independent website.
The issue with this is that I make no money on anything I do.
My IRL job would have to support all of my forays into internet space, and trust me, it doesn't pay well.
When I take into account all of my other projects that require funding too, I could realistically support one blog website.
Do I have it support all of my blogs, or just The Cardboard Cartographer?

I haven't decided yet, however, in the meantime I will be revamping the look and layout of The science of selling yourself short.
I may end up re-releasing all of the posts as I will no doubt have to re-edit them with new image codes.

Seeing as I mentioned other projects....
I've set myself a list of goals and resolutions for 2015 and, in some cases, beyond.

The one I'm pressing one towards currently is starting a podcast with one of my good friends.
Again, like the blog revamp, this requires some research and some funding; website hosts, podcast hosts...
We haven't got a name for the damn thing yet!
I am looking forward to it.
We were meant to do an audio test on the 17th/18th of January but I have quite a bad cold and my new computer has not turned up yet, so we are having to delay that. hopefully we can put out the first episode at the end of February.

Anyway, that is all for now.
Remember to check out my previous posts, and keep checking back for updates and such.


++ Update ++

 I've decided to find a happy middle ground, at least for now.
The science of selling yourself short will continue to host The Cardboard Cartographer.
Each month I will post a new update, and a reworked original post.
These will fit a set format that will make for consistent quality overall.
Also this will allow for a the Gallery function to, well, function.

In addition The Underhive Hero will be expanding. Anything 'Art' related will be presented there.
Quite a few of my upcoming projects fit that description.

Stay tuned for further news.

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