Friday, 15 April 2016

68. Super Smash Brothers!

While I was in high school we had a tradition.

A couple of my friends, my brother and I would, almost every Saturday, order 2 extra large Pizzas from Castellos (Buy one get one free!), and spend pretty much the whole day playing |Time Splitters 2 and Super Smash Brothers Melee on Gamecube.

We played for years.
It wasn't until we all hit the age where you stop going round your friends to play video games that we really stopped playing.
In our group of friends, even in our extend groups of friends, I was pretty good.
I mean, we were all decent, but my brother and I played so much that it would always come down to the two of us.

This was before the internet kids, so I had no idea of all the crazy shit you could do; wave dashing, crouch cancelling...
I just knew that I could probably take on any 3 of my friends and come out on top (unless my brother was involved).

So fast forward to the modern day.

Trash Bros is out now (Smash Bros 4/ Wii U) and it is a totally different story.
I'm terrible at it.
I mean, I've gotten better in the last months or two, but I'm nowhere near the level I was at Melee, or the level of my friends who play it now.

I remind them of this often.
When we play Melee, we have decent, close games.
I'm out of touch, and they're not bad themselves.
But I still do fairly well.

So, a few weeks back, one of my Smash Bros fanatical friends informed me of an upcoming Smash tournament(I've mentioned My Wallet the Butt Knight before, no - check him out on YouTube).

We decided to go, thinking we'd be do okay.

How wrong we were.

We all got knocked out in the first round with no wins.
And the same happened in the Knockout round.

I manged to win 1 game, and really should have done better in the knockout rounds.
My Wallet should have smashed it, but lack of sleep, nerves and general pressure because of the first tournament setting saw him get knocked out too.

While we were a bit salty about it, we're definitely up for another one.
I have no idea when it will be, but stay tuned!


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