Friday, 22 April 2016

71. Custom Paintjob: Mice and Mystics part 7. The Magos and the Theif.

MOAR update!

If only I'd been this productive my whole life I'd have
A) Finished this project when I starte dit, and
B) Probabaly gotten a lot further in life.


There are no work in progress shots for this, just glorious finished models.

This first is Maginos the mage.


This is where the comeback started.
I just fancied doing him on a whim (I knew leaving them all on my desk would get to me eventually!).
The hardest part was trying to get him to match his more white furred artwork, without being too bright.
The way I decided to get around this was to just make the rest with a lot of viable fur darker (Nez and Filch to some extent).
He'll look light enough by comparison.

I really enjoyed doing his wooden staff and the ladybird.

The next up is Filch.


Filch was largely done to be honest.
I just was really uninspired to do his fur and knife... and that was still true while I was finishing him off.
But I really like how the fur turned out; nice and dark, buy with enough flicks of light grey to give it a good texture.
I also decided to spruce up the knife.
First I added the little poison tip, to give him more of a D&D rouge appearance rather than just a thief... but ti still didn't fit well.
It was then I decided on the slightly battered golden hit for the knife and boom!

2 more down.
2 left to go; Tilda and Nez (as well as 5 cockroaches, but screw those guys).

Nez shouldn't be too hard... just trying to make him stand out as interesting will be the challenge.
I'm still not looking forward to Tilda... too much white :|

Anyway, that is it for this update!

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Until next time!


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