Monday, 15 August 2016

87. Speedpaint: Dex the Tiefling Sorcerer.

If you're subscribed to me on YouTube you may have seen my latest video (If not, you should totally clink here now!)

In this video I drew one of my friend's (and potential future member of The Bross) Dungeons and Dragons characters; Dex the Tiefling Sorcerer as an Avatar.
The video is the product of 2 separate streams on my Twitch channel (which you can follow by clicking here!).
It took about 7 hours to draw and paint (with a few hiccups along the way!), but I've condensed it down to about 20 mins by upping the speed by 2500 times!

Anyway, you should go check it out.

Thanks for reading and watching!
Comments and constructive criticism always welcome, either here, on the video itself or on the completed pieces Instagram post

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Also, I've updated The Underhive Hero with some more hobby project goodness, so go check that out too.



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