Tuesday, 30 August 2016

88. Twitch update.

So, I've updated my Twitch recently.
I've been trying to stream 3 times a week, and thought it was time I got my shit together.

So you can check my channel out at twitch.tv/darkhazzl3

My schedule has been updated and can be found on this very blog under the Twitch Schedule tab.

Streams will usually be Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursday's at 10/11 pm GMT.
Time may vary.

Technical Tuesday; If I'm doing an art stream, this will probably be the day! May play games to test out mods and glitches too!

The Old School Nintendo show w/ MyWallet; Melee mods and more, usually terrible, old Nintendo games.

Free for all Thursday: I'll play whatever/ what the stream votes for!

Any other streams will be announced via Twitter, so keep you eyes peeled!

Select Vods will be uploaded to my YouTube.
I really want to start creating a community around my Twitch and YouTube channels.

I've set up a Discord channel for 'The Bross,' and a lot of the community will be there, or The Bross stream group.

In addition to this I've decided to set up a Revlo.
Revlo allows streams to reward folks who consistently watch their stream, and follow them on various social media/ other online outlets,

You can check out the rewards and such over on https://www.revlo.co/darkhazzl3.

That's it for now, So go check that shit out yeah?



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