Monday, 2 May 2016

74. Custom Paintjob: Mice and Mystics part 9. Roaches to Riches.

Continuing on that Mice and Mystics hype...

I've finished the rest of the cockroaches that I didn't get to finish the first time around


They started out scorched brown with a highlight of dark flesh, then washed back down with a dark brown wash.
From there it was a cash of progressively highlighting with Dark flesh adding vermin brown with each layer.
A Flesh shading was was applied afterwards before being finished off with a final highlight of vomit brown.
And that's it

That's all the bad guys done, and all the good guys done!


I'll post a picture of the complete set (hopefully in action), to round off the post count to 10 for this series.
In the end I had a decent time painting them, despite the shoddy plastic the miniature are made from.

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So, until next time



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