Wednesday, 4 May 2016

75. Building an empire...(kinda). Giveaway annoucement!!

I'm trying to re connect my internet life.

And by that I mean I'm trying to build up all of my stuff.

The Cardboard Cartographer has been on hiatus for too long to be honest.
I want to bring it back. The Twitter account has 200 followers now!
I'm really happy about it, but I need to start producing content for the e-zone again.

Hopefully I'll get that going again soon.

My YouTube and Twitch endeavors have stalled a little.
Editing videos is time consuming, and I don't think the things I stream make for great YouTube videos in the first I'm considering my options in that corner for the world.

That being said, I kinda enjoy gives me a regular outlet for the games I choose to stream.
I've also been considering a hobby stream....but to do that I need that sweet, sweet new microphone and camera haha.

With streaming in mind, I thought I'd announce a little thing.

I'm going to be doing a give away!
I announced this on stream on Tuesday.
When I hit 15 followers on Twitch, I'm going to give away a digital copy of the Starbomb album!
A bit of a random thing to give away, but it something I think gamers will enjoy, so...

This will be done through random chance.
All of my followers will be automatically entered.

So if you read my blog the go follow me on Twitch (and YouTube while you're at it!!)

Anyway, until next time


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