Friday, 8 May 2015

49. Immediate Election Reaction part 1. Voter Turnout.

I might do a more in depth reaction to the election later, but I'm currently far too annoyed.

So for now, enjoy this rant I had earlier today about voter turnout.

The Tories have won.
I can't say I'm happy about the outcome.
Anyone who knows me will know I think this will be devastating for some sections of society (those that are the most vulnerable and in need of support for example).

But that isn't what this post is about.

What disappoints me more is the ignorance fulled stubbornness people showed in not voting in the build up to this election, and as a result, there was a shit turnout, again, when you consider that this is for something that is literally life changing for tens of millions of people.

Remember when people said that their vote 'wont change anything?'

True enough, the Tories won, and that might seem like a run of the mill ordinary outcome.
But their simple, pluralistic majority of seats over the other parties combined is extremely slim, and their majority in terms of total share of the public vote is even more narrow.

With 36.9% share of the vote their majority over Labour is roughly only 6.4% of votes cast.

That is very slim.
Now here is the kicker; 34% of the electorate didn't vote.

That amount of people could have theoretically put any of the top 6 parties (Cons, Labour, Lib Dem, Green, UKIP, SNP) in terms of votes cast with the highest vote share, and depending on the constituencies they voted in, could have made a massive impact in seats won.

Gower for example, was previously a Labour seat, but was taken this time round by the Conservatives BY 27 FUCKING VOTES.

Your vote matters. And with each passing election, it matters more and more.

To those who chose not to vote because 'they don't see the point'; next time round, don't be so fucking ignorant.
Apathy be damned!
Educate yourself, and get out and vote. (and by that, I actually mean go and learn about these things, instead of blindly following the Sun or the Daily Mail or some fucking celebrity).

Pick a party (not a person) that best suits you, you're local community, society at large, or is the least worst, or is in direct opposition with a party you don't like.
If all else fails, spoil your ballot paper. Say; 'I bothered to vote, and you all do not interest me/ are all dicks.'
It is your moral and civic duty. It is important to you, your life and the lives of everyone around you, even if you're too blind to see it.

To everyone who voted, you've (arguably) done your part in giving a shit about the society you live in, and the people around you, regardless of the outcome. Congratulations on not being a grade A cunt.


+++ additional +++

I recognise that in any decent society people have the right to make decisions. They have the right to chose.
This is a right that is fundamental for any form of society to function fairly, and constructively and I will defend with every breath I have
That being said, people have the right to chose to do all manner of shitty things, but I don't have to like it, and can think you're a terrible person based on those choices.
So yes, I respect that people have the right to chose, but if they didn't vote, I don't respect them.

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