Tuesday, 19 May 2015

51. Rubber Ross Kirby Amiibo complete!

I finished my Rubber Ross inspired Kirby Amiibo project!



It was just a case of adding a final layer of blue to the shoes, covering up any slip ups on the body and defining the mouth.
Also, scraping the the paint of the base. Note to self: More masking tape next time.

It was all finished off with a coat of satin spray varnish (purity seal)

You can check out the whole project from start to finish in pictures over on my Flickr account.

All constructive feedback welcome!
If you'd like to know anything about the project then feel free to get in touch.
Also, if you have any custom Amiibo's you'd like me to do, then throw a suggestion/ request at me.

Either way drop me a comment, or tweet me @DarkHaZZl3

That is all for now.

Check back for more projects, both old and new coming soon.


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