Tuesday, 26 May 2015

52. New project: Custom paintjob for Mice and Mystics.

So, those of you who follow my hobby progress on The Underhive Hero or The Bolter and Chainsword will know I've been doing a fair amount of painting recently (for me at least).

I also mentioned that I've been working on painting up the Miniatures that are included in the Mice and Mystics board game.


The first time I ever played Mice and Mystics I always thought the game would be much more engaging if the miniatures were more visually distinct.
I mean, the miniatures from this game look pretty awesome; the plastic is a bit rubbery for my liking, but it does the job well enough.
The models were of good quality, but they were all beige which made it difficult to pick out the player characters at a glance.


It is to this end that I decided to give them custom paint jobs.

I thought I'd share my progress with you.

First step was was to clean up the models.

Here the hobbyist in me really comes to the fore.
A pet hate of a lot of hobbyists is mold lines and gaps



It isn't really a huge issue, but as you might well know if you do follow my hobby endeavors, is something that bugs me.

So, I used my hobby file and craft knife to tidy up the mold lines that I could; a task made more difficult than it should have been by the soft rubbery plastic used to make the miniatures.
I then proceeded to fill in the gaps.

To fill gaps I use a material called 'green stuff.'
It is a two part part epoxy resin that is malleable when mixed, but becomes hard and waterproof when it has cured..
I also add another two part resin called 'magic sculpt.' This makes it a bit more workable and at the same time reduces the curing time.

I do this in a 1:1:1:1 ratio


While most of the work is just filling and smooth gaps, there is a little sculpting required.


Seeing as I intend to go the whole hog with this, I also decided to add some sand to the bases, to give them a little texture.


Then it is time for the black undercoat.



The next step I did was to paint on a dark grey 'guide coat.'
This helps me to pick out any of the details.


That is all for now.
I'm enjoying painting this project so far, but like all painting projects, it is extremely time consuming.

If you have any questions about the modeling, sculpting or painting progress then feel free to drop me a comment or hit me up @DarkHaZZl3 on Twitter.
Also, follow me on Instagram for sneak peaks and other general stuff!

Peace out!

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