Tuesday, 5 May 2015

47. Moar Amiibo stuff!

Yup, I've been doing some more work on my creative projects, namely my Amiibo's.

Most time has been spent on Kirby so far.

So I started with the base layer...




I know it looks totally odd, but it does get better.

The first layer of light blue;


And with the 'final' shade of light blue with the cheeks and eyes done.


I'd like to throw out a thanks to my friend Mike who helped me pick out the paints to paint this guy.
As far as colour selection goes i
t looks pretty sweet.

I know the cheeks are not totally symmetrical which is annoying, and the paint finish is a bit rough due to one too many layers, but that is the purpose of trying these things out.

I know the mistakes I made this time round and how to correct them for the future.

Kirby isn't finished yet mind.
I've just applied a layer of satin varnish before I start work on the feet and then it is on to the touch ups.

I also did a little more work on Pikachu.
I glued the goggles into place and sculpted the straps of the goggles.


Need to sculpt the buckle, fill in the gaps under the goggles and join the lenses to the straps before I start painting this one up.
Not actually going to change the colour of Pikachu, just paint the headgear so it shouldn't take anywhere near as long as Kirby to paint.

That's all for now.

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